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Town of Hartland Board Meetings

Town Board Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at the Hartland Town Hall, at 7:00 p.m., unless posted otherwise. Please see the calendar on this website for exact meeting dates.

All regularly scheduled and any special Town Board Meetings will be posted 48 hours prior to the meeting in the following locations:

  • Town Hall
  • Town of Hartland website -

Town Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2017 Agendas 2017 Minutes
January 9th January 9th
February 13th February 13th
March 13th March 13th
April 18th April 18th
May 15th May 15th
June 12th June 12th
July 10th
August 14th
2016 Agendas 2016 Minutes
January 4th Planning Committee Meeting and Minutes
January 11th January 11th
February 15th February 15th
March14th March14th
April 11th April 11th
May 10th Board of Appeals
May 16th May 16th
June 13th June 13th
July 13th July 13th
August 17th August 17th
September 21st September 21st
October 10th October 10th
November 7th Public Hearing Planning Committe Minutes
November 14th November 14th
November Budget Meeting November 14th Budget
December 19th December 19th
2015 Agendas 2015 Minutes
January 13th
April 14th
May 11th
June 8th
June Special 22nd
July 13th
August 10th
September 14th
September 14th Public Hearing Planning Commission Agenda and Minutes
September 25th Special Meeting
October 12th
October 16th
November 9th
November 9th
December 14th
2014 Minutes
January 14th (Planning Commission)
January 14th
February 11th
March 11th
April 8th
  April 30th (Special Meeting)
May 13th
June 10th
July 8th
August 11th
September 9th
October 14th
November 10th and 25th
December 9th
2013 Minutes
January 8th
February 12th
March 12th
April 9th
  April 16th (Annual Meeting)
May 14th
  May 22nd (Planning, Development, and Zoning/Land Conservation Joint Committee)
June 11th
July 9th
  July 9th (Planning Commission)
August 13th
September 10th
October 15th
November 19th (Budget, Planning Commission and Monthly Board) 
December 17th (Planning Commission)
December 17th
2012 Minutes
January 10th
February 14th
March 13th
  April 10th
May 15th
  June 12th
  June 28th (Special Meeting)
  July 10th
  August 1st (Special Meeting)
August 13th
September 19th
October 9th
November 5th (Special Meeting)
November 13th
  December 6th (Zoning Ordinance)
December 11th
2011 Minutes
January 11th
February 8th
March 8th
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th
July 12th
August 9th
September 13th
October 11th
November 8th
December 13th
2010 Minutes
January 12th
February 9th
March 9th
April 13th
  April 13th (Annual Meeting)
May 11th
June 8th
July 13th
  September 7th
October 12th
November 9th
December 14th
2009 Minutes
January 13th
February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
  April 14th (Annual Meeting)
May 12th
June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th
December 8th
2008 Minutes
January 8th
  February 12th
March 11th
April 8th
  April 8th (Annual Meeting)
May 13th
June 10th
July 8th
August 12th
September 10th
  September 22nd (Special Meeting)
October 14th
November 12th
  November 12th (Public Budget Hearing)